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The Go Set

The Go Set + Eightball Junkies + Time On Earth + Operation Ibis + Black Knuckles

Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, AU

Entry Requirements: 18+

“…trying to describe the sound of The Go Set is like trying to imagine Peter Garrett, The Pogues, and The Clash having a late night jam in a local pub with an endless supply of booze”. Blunt Magazine (2005)

Amusing, but probably not far wrong. The Pogues and The Clash, along with the likes of early Midnight Oil, Billy Bragg, and Radio Birdman are indeed strong influences on the band’s music. Combining the folk elements of the bagpipes, accordion, and mandolin, with distorted punk guitars and a rock n roll ethos, The Go Set have created a sound and direction all its own...

Since 2004, The Go Set have released six independent albums, and appeared on countless compilations and splits worldwide. A fiercely independent band in their earlier years, The Go Set have recently signed with ABC/Universal in Australia, and with Berlin punk label Coretex in Europe for their most recent releases.

They have travelled the world for more than a decade, with extensive touring through Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and more recently in the USA. They’ve played festivals and club shows, and toured with everyone from Wolfmother and the Living End, to the White Stripes. More than a thousand live shows, and these days a passionate underground legion of fans worldwide.

A number of singles have achieved radio charting success in both Australia and Europe, and the band has been nominated for an Australian Independent Music Award.

Along the way, and over a period of more than a decade, the band has filmed it’s journey, and the struggles of remaining independent - from the highs and lows of touring, to the process of writing and recording, to the constant challenge of following your dreams.

After being locked away in seaside studio on the Victorian coast, the band had produced a brand new album "Rolling Sound", as well as commencing the editing process for all of the video footage. As the album was mixed and mastered, so to was the footage compiled and developed. After more than a month, the band had not only produced it's own album, but also it's own film titled 'These are the Days'.

The package – 'Rolling Sound' (album) and 'These are the Days' (DVD) has just been released as a double CD through ABC/Universal in Australia. The first time the band had signed with a major label in it's career.

This year – 2017 – the band has a album titled ‘One Fine Day’ exclusively for release in the USA. The album is a mixture of remastered previously released singles and a swag of new previously unreleased live recordings. It is an introduction to US audiences. This year, the band has toured Australia, Europe, and twice in the USA. Looking ahead into 2018 and beyond, The Go Set are planning more of the same – developing a fanbase in the new towns to conquer all across the USA – doing what they do best, performing killer live shows!

The Go Set: 11:35pm - 12:25am
Eightball Junkies: 10:45pm - 11:15pm
Time On Earth: 9:55pm - 10:25pm
Operation Ibis: 9:05pm - 9:35pm
Black Knuckles: 8:15pm - 8:45pm

Tickets will be $18.00 on the door if available

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The Go Set
Eightball Junkies
Time On Earth

Sydney inner west local Ska punk band Party music for party people!!!

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