Dom Youdan

Merpire + Oly Sherman

Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, AU

Entry Requirements: 18+

Raised in London, inspired by Australia, Dom Youdan is a singer-songwriter, bringing his own unique depth, haunting vocals and provocative lyrics to contemporary pop.

With killer hooks, enchanting vocals and vibrant melodies, Dom is set to break many a heart in 2017.

His debut single, 'Don't Love Me' is a swelling pop tune with heavy driving riffs and enigmatic production. Fused together with Dom's unique, captivating vocal, 'Don't Love Me' depicts a modern story of contemporary love, helplessness and the search for something greater.

SET TIMES Dom Youdan: 10.00pm – 10.45pm Merpire: 9.15pm – 9.45pm Oly Sherman: 8.30pm – 8.55pm

Tickets will be $12.00 on the door if available

Line Up

Cross between a singing, ukulele-playing mermaid and your everyday vampire, Merpire is the sound that singer/song-writer, Rhiannon has given life to. In 2012, Merpire released her debut self-titled EP. Full of haunting melodies and intricate harmonies, Merpire takes you on a gentle journey that’s lost in time in the ebb and flow of heart-ache, the idea of love, death and the observations of humans. You can find Merpire EP at all major digital distributors.

Beneath Dark Waves is Merpire’s latest release - a collection of love songs and stories. We hear an exploration and experimentation with different sounds, synths, guitar pedals and body percussion, which resonates with the growing maturity and unique style of Merpire’s voice. Mister Hurrahtio, is a story of a man who collects pistachio shells. Merpire has brought this story to life with her first video clip that you can find on Youtube. Expect to see and hear an almost normal world, bent towards a rainbow of madness!

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